Holiday Trifle

We celebrated Christmas early this year because my dad had to go back to work in Kuwait. Since he usually does most of the cooking (I still need to brush up on my turkey making skills), we couldn’t really have a party without him! So we started preparing Friday night and cooked all day Saturday. I look forward to this every year. I love being in the kitchen with my dad! We listen to Christmas music, we drink wine, he tells bad dad jokes and I laugh…It’s always a good time! And like every year, we make too much food. There was turkey, stuffing (my grandpa’s recipe), meat pie, duck pie, ham, squash soup, cranberry sauce, veggies etc. That’s without all the appetizers, and we were only 10!

Since I’m always in charge of dessert, I opted for something lighter. Plus I just love the presentation; it looks very elegant and festive. I took a bunch of ideas here and there and came up with this very Christmassy trifle recipe. I made everything from scratch (because I had time) but you could also buy everything pre-made and simply assemble it. I attached the recipe links for the custard layer, angel food cake, chocolate ganache and Chantilly cream. Just click on them and it will bring you to the page! If not, these are all things that can be bought at the store!




Make sure to use a deep glass dish so that we can see all the layers:

LAYER 1: Start by putting a layer of diced angel food cake. Then place your clementine slices all around the container. Take a third of the custard and spread on top of the cake. Then a third of the cherry jam, a third of the cherries, a third of the chantilly cream finished with a third of the chocolate ganache.

LAYER 2:  Repeat layer 1 minus the clementines.

LAYER 3: For the final layer, repeat layer 1 with the clementimes. When you get to the cherries, drizzle some chocolate ganache on top. Then with a pipping bag with a star tip, pipe the remainder of the Chantilly cream around the cherries. Finish with a bit of shaved chocolate.

Keep in a cool place until ready to serve! It tastes even better if you make it a day in advance.







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