California Love

I’ve been quiet for a few weeks. I just turned 30 and so many wonderful things have happened in my life lately that I wanted to take the time to enjoy them. Amongst those things was a trip to LA. My best friend Gen moved there to pursue her studies so I was bound to go sooner or later. We’ve been friends for about 20 years (through thick and thin!) and I was truly grateful to be able to spend this very significant birthday with her! Our boyfriends get along super well too so we really had a blast. This post is just a little resume of our adventures… California is so darn huge and it has so much to offer that we will have to eventually go back and explore some more! The scenery, the food, the weather; everything was on point!

 Joshua Tree National Park

We arrived right after a huge heat wave so we were able to hike in the park without any discomfort. Since it’s a desert, the temperatures can rise fast and if you’re not prepared, it can become very dangerous. Bring lots of water, sunscreen and snacks. We stayed just for a day but were able to see all the main attractions and complete two small hikes. My only regret is not stopping at the « Pick your own cactus » farm because Thish wouldn’t let me. Apparently cacti are not welcomed on planes…

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Getty Museum

If you’re a fan of architecture, you will for sure enjoy your visit to the Getty Museum. Get up early and get there for the opening before the horde of children on school trips and tourists arrive. On top of having beautiful collections of paintings, sculptures and artifacts, it offers amazing views of LA and its surroundings. I think I spent an hour outside just admiring the views and the gardens.

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For those who have never been…It’s like Niagara falls on crack: neon lights, arcades, wacky museums, bars, restaurants, lots of action and tourists. The walk of fame is obviously a must.

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Sequoia National Park

Located about 3 hours north of LA, it’s definitely worth the drive if you’ve never seen giant trees! As you climb up through the mountain, the roads become very long and winding (good thing I packed motion sickness pills!). You get a magnificent view of the valley and the mountains. It’s really something to stand amongst the giant sequoias.

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 Santa Monica 

Or as I like to call it: the perfect place for a sunset pic! We had fun walking around, taking pictures under the pier and grabbing a bite while the sun was going down.

5 sm25 sm95 sm18Malibu

We got our first taste of driving on highway 1 along the coast when we spent a day at Zuma beach in Malibu. I can’t even describe how impressive the views were! Loads of surfers everywhere, huge waves crashing, beaches and cliffs as far as the eye can see. I love surfing but didn’t have enough time to go; it’s definitely on my bucket list for our next visit!

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Santa Barbara

I kept the best for last. By far my favourite spot of the trip; Santa Barbara is the place I would move to if given the chance. The Spanish architecture, the beautiful beach lined with palm trees and the marina will enchant you not to mention the countless amount of wineries and breweries.

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If you want to see more, check out the kickass video Thish made of our trip (he’s so talented). Click here to watch!

California, we shall see you again soon. Next time Yosemite and Napa Valley are at the top of our to-do list. I’ll be writing a second post about good spots to eat and grab a drink in LA. We were lucky enough to have Gen and Sean show us around and take us to their favourites places. Having lived there for a year now, they also gave us some pretty awesome tricks to save some money. Stay tuned!

Cheers xxx

P-S: Here’s a picture of Orion, the sweetest pitbull you’ll ever meet. It’s their dog and I just had to post a picture of him. It is otherwise completely irrelevant to this post.





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