Cider House: Michel Jodoin

Like anything in life, there are always some ups and downs…I’ve been struggling lately to find motivation and inspiration, wondering why I started my blog in the first place. I’m quite the perfectionnist and when something is not 100% to my liking then I don’t want to post it. I’m very hard on myself but I have to learn to be more forgiving. Here’s a little post about a cider house we went to visit recently. I completely fell in love with one of their products and was planning to write about it last Thursday but I didn’t like how the recipe turned out. On the other hand, the pictures came out great so it would be a shame not to share. So here it is!


Michel Jodoin is a fourth generation appler farmer and his family has owned the land since 1901. He was one of the firsts to get a license to produce cider in Quebec back in 1988. Since then, he’s been expanding his business and his line of products. When we went to visit, we were warlmy greated by two employees who offered a free tasting of four of their apple based products. Not only is the taste there, but the marketing around their products is amazing! Witty names and beautiful packaging…Really enjoyed discovering their sparkling ciders, ice ciders, spirits and apple juice! But the one that made the biggest impression on us was Mistelle et Boule de Pomme: a port like beverage with some apple and honey notes and the perfect balance of sweet and acidic. It’s just one of those things you could drink endlessly but at 20% alcohol it forces you to take it slow and savour every bit of it.


So if ever you’re looking for a little afternoon roadtrip close to home, drive to Rougemont and visit Michel Jodoin’s Cider House, one of many in the area renowned for their apple orchards.

Cheers xxx

1130, Petite Caroline
Rougemont (Qc) J0L 1M0




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