Riverside St-Henri


We were headed to Terrace Ste-Ambroise for a drink with some friends when we stumbled upon Riverside. The sign drew us in and we wanted to see what was hiding next to those big abandoned silos. Much to our surprise, there was an open air bar, with colourful picnic tables, a huge space in the back to hang out and a food truck for a late night snack. Perfect for an evening outside with friends so we invited our gang to join us there.



The staff was super friendly and the drinks were very cheap (5$ for a beer, 4$ for a glass of cider). The indoor lounge was so cosy and trendy; the DJ booth stood right in the middle of the room with enough space to dance or just sit and sip on your drink. Seriously cool place to hang out. We had never heard of it before so we researched it and found out they just had their soft opening. We got there early and it started to get quite crowded so hopefully the prices won’t go up too much as they gain popularity.


Their official opening will be this Friday, August 4th starting at 5pm. They will have food trucks, BBQ, yoga classes and international DJs for the occasion! See you there!

5020 St-Ambroise
Montreal, Quebec, QC H4C 2G1

Cheers xxx



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