Bouffons!MTL 2017

This is by far my favorite type of event! Why? Because it’s like eating out at a million different restaurants all at once! You get to taste a bit of everything in a casual outdoor setting. If you plan on going to the Just for Laughs festival (which has already started) then you must also go to Bouffons!


Where: at the corner of St-Catherine and Clark street

Hours: 12pm to 11pm everyday

Ends: July 30th 2017

You will find food and drinks for every taste! Make sure to walk around before you make up your mind on what to get. We ordered everything within the first 15 minutes (we were so excited) and then we were too full to go back for seconds. Luckily we live super close so we are going back later this week. On our “to try” list: paella, sloppy joes and the hummus bar!


Our personal favorite: the churros from Confiserie Mignon. If you’ve missed out do not worry, they will be at the Jean-Talon Market from August 1st to October 15th.


P-S: Most places do take card but just in case it’s always good to have cash on you!

Cheers xxx



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