Restaurant: Moleskine

Having recently moved to the Art District of Montreal, and having grown up in St-Sauveur which is small touristic town north of the city, I would never have imagined enjoying urban life this much. Being able to walk out the door and go into any restaurant or store, you get to discover some really amazing places. Yesterday, we managed to get a last minute reservation at Moleskine which is a block away from our place, located beside the well known Pullman Restaurant. It is project restaurant split into two sections; the main floor is a pizzeria that also serves ice cream. Upstairs, being the more high end restaurant, they have a seasonal menu with local produce. On their website, it is described as the Pullman’s younger brother (same owners), but they really have succeeded in making it its own remarkable space.


A hidden staircase at the back of the main floor takes us to a more intimate and formal dining room. The mezzanine gives a nice view of the lower level and makes us feel like we are in a completely different restaurant. The menu is concise and changes with the seasons, so you are always sure to get high quality fresh ingredients. They were also very accommodating when we requested a vegetarian option for my mom.



We went back the next day to try the pizza in a more relaxed setting. The drinks were a bit pricey but very well made. The oven-baked pizza was close to perfection! Not greasy at all, generous amount of toppings and the crust was the perfect thickness. For dessert: homemade vanilla ice cream! The texture was silky smooth and just the right amount of sweetness.


All in all, whether it’d be for a casual lunch with colleagues or a romantic night out with your sweetheart, this place has both options. The food does not disappoint. The service was a bit slow however the waiting staff was incredibly knowledgeable and polite. Not to be overshadowed by the food, the ambience was exceptional. They have a DJ with a massive vinyl collection! If you follow them on Facebook or Instagram they will let you know when there are special events. I know we are going back for the disco evening!

Cheers xxx



3412 Avenue du Parc
Montréal, Qc H2X 2H5


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